T Priyanka



Designation: Assistant Professor (Ad-hoc)

Experience: 4 years

Specialization: Software Engineering

Email-Id: priyankasobati@gmail.com

Mobile-No: +91 9885930661

Career Objective: I am looking forward to work as a professional in an organization that provides opportunities to implement the knowledge gained through my studies, from the situations I observed and offers creative platform for further learning in Technology and Communications.

Teaching Experience:

  • Worked as an Assistant Professsor in CMREC Hyderabad from Jan 2017 to Sep 2017.
  • Worked as an Assistant Professsor (Adhoc) in JNTUCEA Ananthapuram from Sep 2017 to June 2019.
  • Worked as an Assistant Professsor(Adhoc) in JNTUACEK kalikiri from April 2022 to Till date

Education Profile:

  • M.Tech(SE) from JNTU University Anantapur with average of 82%.
  • B.Tech(CSE) from INTELL Engineering College,Anantapur JNT University with average of 65% in the year 2014.
  • Intermediate from Narayana Junior College, Anantapur with 88.5% in the year 2010.
  • S.S.C from Golden Bells High School, kalyandurg with 89% in the year 2005.

Technical Profile:

  • Primary Skills: C, C++, python
  • Web Technologies: HTML, Java Script ,XML
  • Databases: DBMS
  • Servers Known: Apache Tomcat
  • Known Operating systems: Windows/Unix (Ubuntu)
  • Packages familiar with: Ms Office


  • Attended a conference and presented a paper in SAJET-16 organised by NECICC at Narsaraopet Engineering College, Narsaraopet.
  • T. Priyanka, Dr. K. Madhavi published a paper on “EFFICIENT DATA UTILIZATION AND CONTENT PRIVACY IN HYBRID CLOUD” South Asian Journal of Engineering and Technology Vol.2, No.29 (2016) 1–3.


  • Participated in 3 days Faculty Development Program on “Big Data Analytics” from 20th to 22nd Feb, 2017 at JNTUA, Ananthapuramu.
  • Attended a one day workshop on “21ST CENTURY TEACHING STRATEGIES” held on 16th sep 2017 at JNTUACEA, Ananthapuramu
  • Participated in the Three Day National Level Technical Symposium “PIXEL 2K18” held at JNTUA College of Engineering Ananthapuramu.
  • Participated in the Three Day online Faculty Development Program on “Google Android development with kotlin” organized by GOOGLE from 14th to 16th June 2022.
  • Participated in One day training program on “MICROSOFT AZURE AI FUNDAMENTALS” organized by JNTUA ANANTAPURAM on 21 June 2022.
  • Participated in International FDP on “ Deep Learning on NLP and Computer Vision” organized by CBIT in collaboration with ExcelR 10 july to 28 july 2023.


  • Acts as coordinator for one day national level technical symposium C-ELIT-2K23 on 16 march 2023.
  • Acts as coordinator for two days national level technical symposium C-ELIT-2K22 on 3 june 2022.
  • Acts as coordinator for three days national level technical symposium “PIXEL 2K18” held at JNTU ANANTHAPURAMU

Subjects Handled:

  • Agile methodologies
  • Speech recognition
  • Software project management
  • Service oriented architecture
  • Human values and professional ethics
  • C programming and data structures
  • Software testing
  • Software engineering
  • Introduction to programming
  • Cloud computing


  • Self Confident and Self Driven.
  • Quick learner and can easily acclimatize to latest technologies
  • Good Communication Skills and Interaction Ability.

Project in B.Tech:

Title: Privacy preserving for public auditing in secure cloud storage

Team Size: 5

Technologies: Java (swings). Operating system as Windows XP


The main aim of this project is to provide security and privacy to the files stored in the cloud storage. Actually the data in the files can be modified by the hackers, so in our project we introduce a Third Party Auditor(TPA) who reduces the burden to the user. Whenever any file is modified, TPA saves the details as IP address. So we can easily recover the modified file by introducing TPA.

Project in M.Tech:

Title: Efficient data utilization and content privacy in hybrid cloud.

Team Size: 1

Technologies: JAVA/J2EE OS as Windows XP


As the world moves to digital storage for archival purpose, a hybrid cloud architecture can be used for storing the data in the cloud. Secure Deduplication is a compression technique for eliminating duplicate copies of stored data to reduce storage space and save bandwidth. A novel encryption scheme has been used to encrypt the data before storing it to the cloud. To better protect data confidentiality, this paper makes an attempt to assign differential permissions to the authorized users. Our proposed design allows data files deduplication and authorized access rights. The result shows that proposed authorized access control scheme incurs minimal effort compared to previous operations.