Dear Students,

As per CRs and GRs meeting discussions, it is understood that, majority of students aspiring for refreshing and updating their Language Skills and Career Development skills. Further they are aspiring to learn Advanced Technologies to enhance the Job Opportunities.

Considering ALL the above requirements, The College Administration proposing one of The Best and Easy and Affordable Package for Complete Learning of all above skills.

We are introducing British Council English Strokes, i.e., Spoken English Course & Certification Programme (online) from British Council

Sponsored by
Common service Centres (CSC) Scheme of Digital India program of Ministry of Electronic and Information Technology, Government of India

Organized Through
Training and Placement Cell,
JNTUA College of Engineering, Kalikiri

As Value added courses and Certificate program to JNTUA College of Engineering, Kalikiri students.

Certificate Course (online) consists of Part-1: British Council spoken English skills – 4 levels.( & Part-2: Personality development skills (

Course fee, Rs: 101/- (Only one-time discounted fee, actual cost, Rs:6500/-).

Here we have enclosed the brochure containing course details in pdf for your complete information.

Please use the following web link for course registration

You can also check the course details from official British council also:

Since it is once in life time opportunity, just for Rs:101/- from our college (Original price, for both the courses around Rs:6500/-). All the students must register, participate in this program, trained all the modules online yourself (every day 20mins) & get certificate within the stipulated time.

***There will be an another course ( IBM Skills Build) with the same Price. For registration get in touch with the below mentioned.

Dr. K. Aparna
JNTUA College of Engineering, Kalikiri.

All the students need to register by following corresponding link and need to submit your fee Rs. 101 per head to CR/GR on or before 23/11/2021 4:00 pm. CRs need to submit the list and total fee to TPO Dr. K. Aparna for onward payment to the Service Provider.

Prof. M. L. S. DEVA KUMAR,
Principal. JNTUACE Kalikiri.